What to do next? Stage 4 10year old battling for 6 years

I am a friend trying to help out a young girl supposedly near the end of her battle. This is what she has endured:
Stem cell transplant
Humanized 3f8
MiGB therapy
Ch 14.18
Vaccine at mskcc

If there is any information you can offer, please do and thank you.

Hi @dasw,

I am afraid I can not help with any specific recommendations here, being treated at MSK means you are at the cutting edge of treatment. I am heartbroken to hear about your daughter. Wishing you the best.

Hi @dasw ,

It’s true that MSK is state of the art for this disease, however since you have already been through all of the “common” therapies, I’d recommend investigating one of the following (I also have them in the back of my head in case we get no response in our kid from the standard treatment):

  1. CAR T-Cell Therapy: this looks very promising and I thinkg it already has been used with success for leukaimia cases. There seem to be a couple of open Phase 1 studies, you could consult your doctors and contact them to see if they are still recruiting and if the child is eligible to participate:


  1. CBD Oil usage at home with large doses: There are no human trials, nor official results on this, but you have nothing to lose giving that a try since there are no side-effects. There has been some proof in isolated cells that CBD can act against neuroblastoma tumors:

Keep us posted on your progress; I also wish you the best for the little girl, please don’t give up.


Dear @dasw

It might be worth contacting Andras Heczey about his NKT CAR trial – he has presented on first couple children treated. Rapidly progressive disease not eligible – stubborn but stable disease probably best suited – see eligibility/exclusion criteria and contact info – https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03294954