What Early symptoms did you find

(Amber Millard) #1

Hi there,

I’m looking for some help, I have concerns about my 16month old daughter, over the past 2 months of noticed certain things and keep getting brushed off by doctor’s, its viral, keep a food diary, she seems ok which are all statements doctor’s have said …but I’m going to take her to the children’s hospital and say I’m not leaving until they can tell me what is wrong…

She has enlarged lymph nodes in neck and groin, which have got bigger over a two month period, recurrent infections/ viral infections, high temperatures sometimes rising to 41.4…and stomach pain, excessive gas, her belly can become hard and distented, she screams in pain most days now uncontrollably the pain wakes her up from sleep…shes eating less…she is dairy intolerant so on a dairy free diet…
If anybody could help me with some of the early symptoms their children had as I can’t find any it’s the usual later symptoms I can find

Thank you very much xxx

(Nasos Mwraitis) #2

why dont you go straight away for check up??
all these are signs for neuroblastoma but also can be something else!
its 2 months as you said so i think you must go next thing in the morning to check and hopefully relax after

(Amber Millard) #3

I live in England I am not sure where you live but health care over here is not straight forward…takes ages to get an appointment and when you do you only get 10 minutes and are fobbed off that it is nothing …they don’t even listen to be honest in the last two months she has seen 3 GPS but it’s getting to the point where I am going to take her to the children’s hospital…just don’t like going to a&e as I know they are dealing with life and death emergency situations but I don’t know what else to do

(Sam Saffron) #4

Hi Amber,

If you are worried take your child to emergency and get a blood test / physical test / ultrasound. The good news is that odds are what your child has is not NB. I think you misunderstand how children’s emergency works. Kids are triaged, and you could be waiting there for many hours until a doctor has time to look at you, the fact you are there is going to make no difference to life and death situations.