What after the immunotherapy

My son will finish immunother for one week. What is your sugestion after that. Some time we will use accutane but what after that? Any sugestions. Thanks

This is such a hard question to answer.

The two current options you have for clinical trials are both located in the US. There is the DFMO trial and the vaccine trial

Both are pretty costly and involve international travel and significant expenses.

Short of those options the standard recommendation from COG and SIOPEN is just to wait and see.

The vaccine trial has 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off of beta glucan for 11 months, this stimulates the immune system and supposedly increases the effect of the vaccine. One pretty low risk possibility could be taking beta glucan at the same dosage that Sloan provide, since its a drug that is very readily available. There are some papers out there that talk about the effect. But yeah, you would have to consult your Oncologist on that.

Sam thanks. Maybe this trial

It is not so expensive and it is in the Eu.

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I am a bit confused, do you have a link to the actual clinical trial? Which hospital is running it?

I am not finding anything in clinical trials .gov: Search of: sn-38 neuroblastoma | Recruiting, Not yet recruiting, Available Studies - List Results - ClinicalTrials.gov, is your son in complete remission?

This seems to be at very preliminary stages, usually these kind of trials are only available to refractory or relapsed cases.

Sam…i checked again. Hospital is in the Barcelona. Saint Joan de Deu. Thay used 3f8 for four cycles with Gm-gsf and retionid acid.
Main doctor is Jaume Mora. This hospital cooporate with Msk.
The treatment was not so expensive
(Around 80 000 euros)

Has it only been used in mouse models or in humans?

I do not think this is the vaccine, my understanding is that this is hu3F8 per: hu3F8 available in Hospital Sant Joan Déu in Spain (and other hospitals)

@Tomislavcroatia if I were in your shoes I would definitely pick hu3F8 over ch14:18. Even though not too much is published all the signs are showing that it is far more effective than 3F8. (which was similar to ch14:18)