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Please I need advice.My country is not a Siopen member and we have huge problem. Unituxin is available in our country but dinutuximab beta is not available at this moment. Can you somebody help me with unituxin. Where is good hospital for using that medicine. Europe or America? Thank you for your reply

Dinotuximab Beta is ch14.18/CHO which is the immunotherapy drug used by SIOPEN developed by Dr. Lode

Unituxin is usually the way the refer to ch14.18/SP2/0 which is the drug used today by COG.

First, we demonstrate identical binding of ch14.18/CHO to the nominal antigen disialoganglioside GD2 in vitro compared to ch14.18/SP2/0 and ch14.18/NS0. Binding was GD2-specific, since all precursor- and metabolite-gangliosides of GD2 tested were not recognized by ch14.18/CHO.

The drugs are so similar that there is practically no research out there to say the CHO cell line was somehow better than the SP2/0 cell line.

I would not worry about this and not try to get access to the SIOPEN drug if you already have access to the COG drug.

If unituxin is available you are lucky! Make use of it.

Dear Sam
Thanks you for your promt reply. It.s seems that we unfortunatelly have
simillar problem. Both patients ,yours and mine have Neuroblastoma 3 grade,
nmyc amplification, non avoid Mibg.
Once more. Thanks

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