Tips for accutane treatment

(Merve) #1

hi. my son Tugberk was diagnosed at 50 days old with stage 4, intermediate risk. The primary tumor was on right adrenal gland and it had metastasized to the liver, under skin and bone marrow. He finished 6 chemoterapy round and 3 round maintenance treatment. Tumor was gone. Thank God! Now he is 11 months old. He started to accutane treatment for 50 mg a day. I just tried to drill the capsul with injection needle and squeeze it on yoghurt. He could eat all of it.

How do you give accutane capsuls to your baby?
Any side effects of this treatment?
how can make him feel more comfortable while taking accutane?
any foods (fruits/vegetable) or drinks not to give to my baby? like carrot includes also A vitamin?
any other advices for accutane process?
what is your experiences?

Thank you for now.

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(Sam Saffron) #2

We just started it this week, after a bit of trial and error we went with.

  • Heat up some milk (not boil) in a 20ml syringe
  • Place capsules in syringe
  • Let the syringe wait for a bit while stuff dissolves
  • Make banana smoothie with milk, squeeze syringe into smoothie. Give a small amount first and then top up.

We have had huge success with this. Another NB mom I know gives it with the morning tea to her 4 year old.

Have not seen any side effects yet but it is early days (only first week)

The drilling of capsules thing just seemed way too hard and we felt like we were leaving lots of the medicine behind.

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(Sam Saffron) #3

The CNCF NB handbook has a chapter on accutane, that is well worth reading:


(Sheila Patel) #4

Accurate caused a lot of dry skin mainly on the face and around the mouth. Had to moisturise regularly.

My daughter had a NG tube and was 4 so we put it down her tube by using a technique I saw in a UK protocol. This meant dissolving the capsule in some Luke warm water then adding olive oil and flushing her tube with olive, milk then water

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(Melissa Mikulak) #5

Dry skin is definitely something to keep ahead of. My son (he was 4 years old) had rough, dry skin from his chin to under his nose from the accutane. We started with Aquaphor but rapidly changed over to Vit E straight out of the capsule. It made a big difference - the dryness was terribly uncomfortable.

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(Parker Moss) #6

We experimented with a lot of creams and found this one to be by far the best

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(Katie) #7

We used a ton of aquaphor.

My son was 21 months old when we started with accutane. We finally told him it was candy and gave it to him along with a few m&ms. He took it like a champ. Of course, we didn’t start out that way. Instead, we would poke a hole in it and drain as much into some nutella as possible and hide the capsule in a spoonful of nutella (brother has a peanut allergy so we couldn’t use pb. We were told to add it to something fatty for best absorbtion.). It worked, but not as well as telling him it was candy.

I felt like I broke parenting rule #1 by telling my son meds were candy. I’m over it now. We keep the medicine cabinet locked and two years later he knows differently.

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(Merve) #8

hi to all,
thank you for your answers. We couldnt manage to heat up. Through time, we create some solutions for ourselves. I want to share with you.
We use syringe and highy sterilized nippers. I prepare some photos for my blog and want to share here also.

edit: I forgot to write this fruit is date. I cut two dates in little pieces, than boil them with some water. It is soft and sweet. and be sure that you take off their skins before give to your child. we use also yoghurt. We squeeze the capsule and immediately give to our son. Because the liquid couldnot get in touch with sun light and air as possible.

For dry skin, I try dfferent types of cream. Now, we use sun protection cream with e vitamin, bioderma atoderm intesive cream and shower gel for atopic skins. La roche posay also had similar ingredients cream.

We also close our sun shield curtains all day while he uses accutane. And we take him out only after sunset. Otherwise his eyes become red and watery.

I hope, I can be helpful.
Thank you again.


(Daniel Witt Corell) #9


Just wanted to share how we handle Accutane/isotretinoin.

Tried to disolve the capsules in hot milk as above, but the capsule itself didnt disolve completly and as we give it through his tube i was scared to give it a go.

So, instead this is how we do it.

  • Yogurt, Kefir and a little cold pressed rapeseed oil mixed together.
  • Put 10-20 ml in a 60ml syringe.
  • Squeese the Accutane capules in syringe.
  • Top of with the mix of yogurt, kefir and oil.

Its fast, so you dont expose the accutane with air and light for to long. I always use an extra 2-3 drops from an extra capsule to compensate for the left over in the capsules and on my gloves.

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(jindrich daniel) #10

hello to everybody!
we are now on accutane too and our daughter simply bites the orange pill open and is chewing it, with a bit of warm water the orange husk gets smaller and smaller in her mouth untill it is completely dissolved.
sometimes she spit it out or swallow it.
for dry lips we use lanolin, it is the fat from sheeps, it is the best for it!!!
br jindrich