SSKI vs Lugol drops

In prep for MIBG while we were in Australia we had to take Lugol drops.

As far as I remember it involved taking about 5 doses of very unpalatable drops with lots of water. In NY they use SSKI which appears to be much more concentrated and easy to take. (only 3 doses required)

Overall our SSKI experience was far less stressful that Lugols in the past.

Does anyone know why some hospitals are using Lugol’s vs SSKI? Is there any research to say that one is more effective that the other?

I’m assuming you are referring to the MIBG scan, not the therapy. We’ve used a variety of products (though never Lugol’s), but they all contain potassium iodide (Lugol’s appears to contain iodine, too). Each hospital seems a bit different in what they use. My son has never seemed to care for any of them. :slight_smile: Most of our care is at Seattle Children’s, and currently, they are using an SSKI product that has a shelf life of only 14 days. Since we often fly in just before the injection, this wasn’t going to work easily for us. There is a product, over the counter (I got it on Amazon), called ThyroSafe. One tablet is the same exact medication and dose my son gets with the SSKI drops. Our team approved it for our scans last week, and my son definitely preferred it! It has a long shelf life and he would much rather swallow a pill than take a liquid.

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