Soft tissue disease

(Jamie Mascaro) #1

Hello - my son has completed induction chemo + surgery + high dose in the UK.

Recent scans show a very small spot in his chest with low uptake. This is not new disease but it has not fully responded to the chemo.

Other areas are clear - bone marrow, bone + successful resection of the tumour.

Does anyone have experience of a similar situation with MRD in soft tissue and if so what advice were they given?

We are currently exploring all options. Consultant in UK has recommended to stick to the protocol i.e. radiotherapy and then immunotherapy.

thank you

(Nasos Mwraitis) #2

We have completed the therapy in uk in the past as well. When we finish front line an old spot that showed only on pet scan but with low uptake insisted so yes. We radiate it and proceed to immunotherapy. After it disappeared.

(Jamie Mascaro) #3

Hi Nasos thanks for this - can I ask where the spot was located? And was your child MYNC+ or - ?

thank you

(Nasos Mwraitis) #4

Spot was located far from primary tumor below her shoulder. No she was nmyc negative as most of late age cases but with all other chromosomes that included in difficult cases