(Yeo Chin Yong) #1

Discovered at six-months old, my daughter was given the COG intermediate risk treatment (without surgery). Adrenal Gland as source, with liver and bone marrow involvement; and 11q deletion.

Two-years on, she suffered a locoregional relapse and several options became available.

  1. COG-High Risk (w/ Surgery)
  2. MSKCC-High Risk (w/ Surgery) + CH14.18 immunotherapy

Time is short and I need to decide fast. Are there any resource for me to draw comparisons amongst the different treatment?

(Sam Saffron) #2

Note, MSKCC is not going to do CH14.18 they are more likely to do Hu3F8 or even bi-specific antibody if the trial started.

In relapse case this changes so fast, what I would recommend is contacting a few hospitals direct such as CHOP, MSKCC and so on and ask for advice about what treatment they would recommend. You need to know what your options are as a starting point.