Residual minimal disease - abdominal

Hello to all. My son finished front line during 2016 and recived immunotherapy CH14/18 cho in Germany. Griefswald. Prof Lode was one of us our doctors. 5 cycles and now is everything ok with this disease. Immunotherapy finished last year. (06/2017)
What is worring me that he have minimal residual dease which is measurable for almost two years and the same dimension and similar activity. This is located in abdominal. Every three months we have Pet CT. Mr and bone punctual. And state is ok…there is no progresion of desease but I am a litlle worry. Thus any have some explanation or know simmilar state.
Just to mention my son had neuroblastoma 3 grade N-Myc amplifiied. (more than 50 copies)
Thank you

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hello tomislav
I can not answer to your question but would be interested what kind of MRD it is, I wonder if you have received answers from your doctors.
br jindrich