Progressing NB and DINUTUXIMAB

(Farman) #1

Dear All! I need your advise. My daughter has NB stage 4. She had tumor in left adrenal gland, also metastases on liver, bones and bone marrow. We had 6 chemotherapies, then surgery: tumor was removed completely. After about 1.5 month her disease began to progress and now has metastases/tumors almost everywhere: lungs, liver, abdomen, head, brain, kidney, bones. Doctor began new chemotherapy with Temozolomide + Irrinotecane + Vincristine and offers to start next month Dinutuximab + Temozolomide + Irrinotecane + Vincristine. Did anyone have similar situation and what is your forecast for Dinutuximab?

(Alex Chen) #2

Hi Farman,
very sorry to hear that. first I would like to know the age of your kids and whether she is NMYC amplified. if she is more than 18month and NMYC amplified, there should be Bone Marrow Transplant and Radiotherapy as the standard treatment after chemo and surgery. from your statement you only mentioned chemo and surgery only.

for Dinuuximab (also known as CH14.18 immunotherapy or Unituxin) combine with chemo, based on my knowledge only Canada and USA hospital has the capability to use them together and have good results. it is usually used for bone metastases which is difficult to get rid of by normal chemo. So if your kid is in North American, it is worth to try. otherwise please ask your doctor how many kids had done this treatment and how much is the success rate in the past for similar cases.

Wish you have your girl can get through this difficult time together. God bless her!