Post treatment options

(Daniel Witt Corell) #1


As many others, we are looking into treatment options after frontline treatment.

We are based in Copenhagen, Denmark ( Rigshospitalet ) and therefore under the SIOPEN protocol. My son is 5 years old and will finish immunotherapy in april. He was cleared in a MIBG scan just before christmas. Stage 4 HR NBL - he is not mycn amplified.

What options do we have now and whats in the pipeline i near future.

We know about two options as it is now:

  • DMFO

  • Bivialent vaccine

Are there any other options - preferable in Europe?

Is SIOPEN talking about some kind of maintainence treatment after frontline?

Thanks for your help.


(Daniel Witt Corell) #2

Found this site which gives an good overview over trials in general when it comes to Neuroblastoma.