Pilot study for chemoimmunotherapy approved at MSKCC

(Sam Saffron) #1

There is a new pilot study at MSKCC (memorial sloan kettering at NYC) for complicated relapse / refractory cases combining Hu3F8, Irinotecan/Temozolomide and Sargramostim.

Hu3F8 is probably the most potent immunotherapy drug available, the hope is combining it with chemotherapy will lead to a response in some cases that have not yet responded. Historically Sloan have attempted in the past to combine the mouse based 3f8 with chemotherapy without much success, but hu3F8 is much more potent and with less side effects, so it may work this time.

This is quite exciting as quite a few Oncologists in the field have been experimenting with this.

Dr Rajen Mody saw response in very complicated cases:

St Jude’s now use humanized ch14:18 in combination with chemotherapy in front line treatment and are looking to pilot a a wider study under COG.

Looking forward to hearing about some of the results here and very much hoping our heros can handle this treatment and get a good response!

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