Photon vs proton radiotherapy

(jindrich daniel) #1

good evening neven!
my daughter was also diagnosed early april this year wirh stage 4 and was released from HDT last sunday.
she is having treatment according to SIOPEN.
we researching right now possibilities which radiation she should receive (traditional or proton), also what to do during or after IT.
what is your story, what are you exploring???
it seems we have the the same treatment-periode.
thanks and best regards from austria!

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(Sam Saffron) #2

Hi @DanielAustria,

Apologies I split this to a new topic cause I feel we should really have a photon vs proton therapy topic.

My understanding from various discussions with oncologist is that the preference of photon vs proton is heavily dependent on tumour location. In general if the mass is lower they prefer to use photon cause they feel there is benefit from the additional spread.

I would be very careful about thinking that proton is unconditionally better, for some cases it is undeniably better for others it is not, and in some cases its the flip of a coin.

Good luck with Radiotherapy, highly recommend you read through Staying still during radiotherapy

(jindrich daniel) #3

good evening sam,
thank you for your answer and the new topic.
finally we have decided for proton radiation, it is also recommended by our oncologists because of less side-effects but same results, insurence take higher costs over too.
we start 17.12. exactelly 60 days after BuMel.
a short report will follow when finished.
br from austria jindrich