Phase 2 trials of Bivalent Vaccine

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I am struggling to decide what to do, I got an E3 visa which allows me to work in the US so we can technically just move over for a year.

It takes about 20-24 hours to get to NYC from Sydney it is not an easy haul. At the moment we are seriously considering moving there for the vaccine trial, and making it a bit of a “family experience”.

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Looks like some data is coming out now. N=58 which is higher than the initial 20 or so

High risk NB relapsed in the bones, seeking help and suggestions
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In Holger Lode’s talk on CNCF he was asked how the vaccine he is working on compares to the one at MSKCC

The general answer is that both are very similar in concept (both are anti idiotypic vaccines) and he thinks it makes a lot of sense to treat with a vaccine after passive immunotherapy.

His talk does make it clear that his plan is to get the vaccine integrated into the general SIOPEN HRNB treatment cycle after immunotherapy, but he has absolutely no timelines saying it is still “early”

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I did link to this in my first post but it is kind of hard to get to:

The full paper for the results of the phase I trials are public and available online:

I think it is a very interesting read.