Phase 2 DFMO preventative trials

(Sam Saffron) #61

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(Alexey) #62

Hi Kyle, thanks for the article!
I think it was asked/discussed for many times, but are there any plans to offer DFMO in Europe?..

(Kyle Matthews) #63

Nothing concrete, no. It’s something we’d like to see happen, but have no official plans for currently.

(jindrich daniel) #64

hi kyle
who is the best to contact in US for dfmo?
I have contacted dr scholler from helen devos children hospital and received already some documents.
we really think about to get there prior or post IT if our daughter stays in remission.
or have you any other usefull informations for us?
br jindrich

(Kyle Matthews) #65

Hey there, Dr Sholler and her team are the correct contact for DFMO discussions. The info at is current.