Online Resources for Neuroblastoma Parents

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###CNCF: Children’s Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation

The CNCF organisation has advocate for Neuroblastoma and run a yearly conference for parents. Be sure to check out the Neuroblastoma Parent’s Handbook and past CNCF conference videos.

###Solving Kid’s Cancer

SKC is an nonprofit organisation focused on funding promising research in the area of paediatric cancer. @ludwinski the director of research is a member of our community.

SKC run a yearly parent’s conference:

There are videos of past conference talks online. 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

###ANR: Advances in Neuroblastoma

ANR is a 2 yearly conference covering advances in Neuroblastoma. Though primarily a conference for NB oncologists and researchers. It has a parent’s day. 2018 is planned to be in San Francisco.

In 2016 all the parent’s day sessions were recorded and are available online.

###ACOR: N-BLAST mailing list

The ACOR mailing list is a treasure trove of old Neuroblastoma related information. It was started 20 years ago and as a support forum similar to this site.

###Facebook: Neuroblastoma Support group . You are Not Alone Ask Away.

The Facebook group is managed by Tiffany Seibel-Howard and contains very regular updates and discussions related to NB.

###Facebook: Neuroblastoma Family Support Group

The Facebook group is managed by @MonicaFaucheux and contains very regular updates and discussions related to NB.


The INBRACED site contains technical article links related to research news

###Kids’ Cancer Research Foundation

A charity run by @2525 focused around research and financial support. Be sure to check out the
"Steps of Hope" guide to help find the best possible cancer care.

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For French speaking people…

Facebook group
Email list
(once registered every mail sent to the list is received by everyone so they can answer)

I found a lot of information and support from both.

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Sophie, feel free to edit that into the first post :wink:

Feel free to include some text in French as well if you wish describing it, it will help Google find it.

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###Neuroblastoma Canada
Providing information and peer support to neuroblastoma families in Canada and around the world.