ONCODNA ? Has anyone heard about this?

(Imran ) #1

Came across this while searching for cancer treatment institutes in Belgium. They offer very advanced and specialised treatment options. Can anyone checkout there site and comment on what they are upto.


(OncoDNA) #2

Hello!! OncoDNA is specialized in molecular profiling of tumors and launched few weeks ago a very inovative tool combining the analysis of the solid tumor and the analysis of the circulating free tumor DNA in the blood. This solution aims at leading the oncologists and their patients through the best treatment options regarding the patient’ specific conditions and the heterogeneity of his/her tumor.

(Sam Saffron) #3

A few questions here:

  • I noticed there was no pricing anywhere, what are the estimated costs?

  • What happens with the raw sequencing data, is it available to people who get sequences so they can get second opinions, submit data to research and so on?

(Imran ) #4

That sounds very promising and an advance apparoach. Cause all patients differ from each other on cellular scale. But obviously out of approach for most of us here though desirable.

(OncoDNA) #5

Thank you for your interest and prompt reaction. Please let me answer your questions:

  • The official prices of the analyses vary between 2990€ and 4990€. OncoDNA is well aware of the cost it could represent for some patients it’s why they are open to discuss and to adapt their prices in function of the patient’ situation.
  • The reports include an exhaustive list of the variants found through the sequencing analyses and each patient is free to share his/her report with who he/she wants.

Should you have any additional question, please feel free to ask. I would be pleased to answer you.

(Sam Saffron) #6

Thanks so much, just to clarify some more points.

  • Is the raw sequencing data available to people who use your service? Do you send them a flash card with all the raw information on request? I ask this cause CHOP have a specific gene board they use for Children’s oncology and it would be ideal to have to option of getting other opinion.

  • Does your analysis include germline dna, tumour dna and rna-seq?

  • Do you have any expertise with analysis Neuroblastoma specific mutations (PHOX-2B, ALK and so on)

@Alia_my_niece one very important thing to note here, I am totally for sequencing but stuff is complicated.

Say you discover some actionable mutations, being on the SIOPEN study (which you have to be to get antibody) there is close to zero chance they will act on any of the mutations. It can be a very frustrating situation in frontline. I believe that having the knowledge is preferable, but still it can be both expensive and frustrating.

(Matthieu) #7

Hello Sam,

-We do not send a memory card with raw data but our results are available on our platform for oncologist who wants to interpret them. The platform, www.oncoshare.com , is design to make “virtual molecular board” easy.

-By sequencing solid tumor, we have the capacity to see both germline and somatic mutations. In addition, we check some fusion genes by RNA-seq but we do not make transcriptome analysis. We make also IHC (Immunohistochemistry) on biopsy for chemotherapies.

-The core business at OncoDNA are adult solid tumors but we are used to analysis glioblastoma. We will be happy to work with you on neuroblastoma.

In order to give complet explanations on our solutions, I propose you to send me a e-mail at matthieu(dot)schlogel(at)oncodna(dot)com. I can send you list of sequenced genes and the list of drugs that are integrated in our reports.

Beside, we have also a chat on our web site www.oncoDNA.com

Let me know if you have any additional questions,