Nightmares At night

(Tammy) #1

We have been struggling this week with Eva having bad nightmares, is this common with our kids and if so any suggestions to help her.

(Sam Saffron) #2

How can it not be common :frowning:

We take a year off normal life from our kids for a very long and intensive treatment in hospitals.

I have been having nightmares all week I guess it’s just stress knowing we have to go back to hospital next week for immunotherapy.

Shalev is quite young, a few years younger than Eva so it has been a bit easier for him to forget. He sleeps quite well, but ever since we started this he will only go to sleep in our bed, no way to convince him to go to sleep alone.

So some ideas, perhaps?

  • Try a relaxing bath at night for Eva, even just puddling in a bit of water (sadly due to hickmans line) helps a lot.

  • Try doing some normal things, we have been taking the kids out to minigolf weekly and they both love it. We still avoid all crowded places due to suppressed immune system, but the drive and something normal helps.

  • It’s very stressful to have your little one’s in your bed for an extended period of time, but maybe try for a day or two while she is stressed.

(Tammy) #3

Thanks for the feedback Sam, I got a dream catcher and that seems to have worked plus I keep a small camping light on in her room. We got our big MiBG scan this week and then we hopefully know in a week what is happening! :pray:t2: