Neuroblastoma Treating Hospital / Institution List

(Kyle Matthews) #1

This thread will be a list of all locations treating neuroblastoma, with relevant contact info or tips on each. When you first come to a new hospital or institution, it can be overwhelming. In each of these threads, please include the name and location of the institution, and some contact information you know is valid. For instance, we’re in Tampa Bay, so I posted the All Children’s Hospital thread. Here’s what I put in it to start it:

This thread is a resource for anyone who’s looking for info on All Children’s Hospital in St Petersburg, FL or who is being treated here. My wife and I are local, and happy to meet or field questions from anyone who winds up here!

Local contact information:
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The List

(Jessica Guess) #2

Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, located in Indianapolis Indiana, has a great Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases. 4 phenomenal Oncologists here that go above and beyond to make us feel special.
Clinic number is (317) 338-4673 or 1-800-423-9529

They do not do stem cell transplants however. We go to Cincinnati Ohio for that. Will share their information in a separate post

(Erica Schneider ) #3

Florida Hospital for Children has a relatively new pediatric bone barrow unit and everyone was amazing during Aiden’s treatment. The Cancer Clinic is in a connected building.
Clinic: Dr Fouad Hajjar and Dr. Dennis Borrero 407-303-2080 2501 N.Orange Avenue Suite 589 Orlando,Fl 32804
Hospital: 601 E Rollins St, Orlando, FL 32803

Dr.David Shook runs the stem cell transplants 407-303-1300. (When Aiden went into septic shock we took him to the closest hospital and then called Dr.Shook who arranged for a helicopter to come and transport Aiden since the hospital we were at said there was no saving him. I don’t think Aiden would have lived into the next day had this not happened)

Social worker: Lisette Roman 407-303-2080
If you want to know about childlife staff/services I would recommend talking to Debbie Spencer 407-303-8802