N Myc amplified Neuroblastoma

(Neven Dawaf) #1

How dose nmyc amplified versus not amplified affect prognosis?

(Sam Saffron) #2

In general NMYC amplification is a sign of a more aggressive disease. One example where this makes a difference is that the treatment for stage 3 unamplified is less aggressive than stage 3 amplified. We almost never see stage 2 NMYC amplified. If you are stage 4 the amplification does not make any difference to the initial treatment plan under COG/SIOPEN or MSKCC.

NMYC amplification is just one factor of many, for example if the tumor responds extremely well to frontline chemotherapy it is a very good sign and so on.

(Neven Dawaf) #3

Thank you for this information .