MSK Vaccine trial experience?

Hi everyone

Our girl just finished her immunotherapy and we are weighing the option between DFMO and MSK’s vaccine trial to prevent relapse. Does anyone have experience with the whole MSK’s vaccine trial?

What we know so far is that she will be getting vaccine 7 times and during a year she is getting vaccines, she will get MIBG scans and bone marrow biopsy 3 times.

If anyone can share anything at all, we will be very appreciated!

Thanks a lot in advance,

Hi Emma,

We did it a year and a half ago, overall it is way easier on the family than other parts of the protocol. The first few weeks are hectic but really the majority of the time we spent at MSK was waiting for scans.

I think the first critical thing you need to work out is if you have insurance coverage and a place to stay in NYC when you come for treatment.

Do you have any specific questions? Or things that are worrying you about the vaccine?