Low ANC after having a normal ANC?


My son went into a bone marrow biposy, and the results came back looking really bad. His count at that time was 570, so the doctor told us that she is pretty sure they tested too soon. She said not to worry since the MIBG scan came back better, and our Doctor in Seattle actually gave us the green light until they reviewed the bone marrow results. His counts reached about 1700, and the doctors both agreed for a new bone marrow biopsy to be done. When we went to the clinic, we were informed that our son’s counts dropped from 1700 to 300 in 3 days, but the doctor we were seeing didn’t know why(different than our primary). She was going to as around. He hasn’t had a chemo round since May 22nd. No fevers, energy has been great, and so has appetite, so we were shocked to hear that he is almost neutropenic.

Does anyone have an idea of what could be going on?

(Sam Saffron) #2

Chemo can have delayed effects, usually it takes 10 or so days for the counts to bottom out, this sounds like an even longer delayed effect, perhaps ask to have the tests repeated again?