Kid before/kid after

(angela ferrick) #1

I am so at a loss with this. Jake is in cycle 4 of immunotherapy, after being diagnosed last year at this time. Before cancer, Jake was the happiest boy ever, and I’m not just saying that, he was. Now all he does is cry and just lays there and watches TV. I know hes depressed and has great anxiety, I just don’t know what to do. I’m waiting for a call for a therapist appointment. What can I do? Has anyone been through this?

(Myra Robinson ) #2

How could they not be changed. Treatment was awful but immunotherapy is so bad.

Find a play therapist. Through play the therapist can understand what is going on inside and help them understand.

My Emily has been going weekly when we’re not traveling for scans or treatment for a couple of years and it is helping so very much.

Your child needs help feeling safe and a trained play therapist can help.

(Sam Saffron) #3

I am so sorry to hear this, we have to through so much hell with this disease.

I think a lot must relate to the age Jake is, the majority of us deal with NB when are kids are too young to even remember the whole process. Shalev was 2 and half when it started. The scarring, though there, is not as severe. Jake is much older an must be feeling really left out of friends and school and normal life.

Since you are so close to the end of treatment (I am guessing only a couple of months out) you must be reaching the end of your tether. Its just too long to be going through all of this.

Definitely get all the help you can get.

On the practical advice front, perhaps there is some way to drive Jake to more “active” activities. Even playing computer games (on iPad or laptop, playstation) can possibly help, maybe even there are some multiplayer games that are age appropriate that will force some extra interaction.

Are there any programs where he can get visits from teachers or music therapists?

Between cycles is there any way for you to take a day trip somewhere you have never been?

Maybe try making some plans with him of what you will do when you take the wires out? Maybe looking forward to something will help?

I hope stuff gets better soon, this must be so disheartening

(angela ferrick) #4

It is disheartening. So many emotions daily. I worry so much about his mental state, almost more than his physical state. I think he is traumatized, and I need to find a therapist that can work with him. He doesn’t want to see his friends or go anywhere. He feels safe at home. I don’t know how to coax him into living again. We are at the end, we have 3 hospitalizations left for immunotherapy. We were told it wasn’t going to be bad, but it has been horrible for him. Pain and weakness. I think we are all weary. I know all of you understand. Thank you so much for this forum and participation. I know I’m not alone.

(angela ferrick) #5

Thank you. You are right. And I will.