Influenza Type A

(Kassie Shefchek) #1

Gabriel has just been admitted to the ER for testing positive for Influenza Type A. They are giving him tamaflu and I am not 100% comfortable with the possibilities of it causing additional issues with his immune system. Everything I’ve read says that Tamaflu is intended for adults. Does anybody have any first hand knowledge regarding Tamaflu in Neuroblastoma kids? Gabriel did get a flu shot and hasn’t been exposed to anyone with symptoms. I know the virus can lie dormant so he could have picked it up from anywhere. But I’m still so unsure about the entire thing. Help. :confused:

(Sam Saffron) #2

So sorry to hear this.

We have escaped the flu to date, so I don’t have first hand experience here. However we were admitted to ER before and have some advice.

If he has spiked a fever they are very likely to prescribe antibiotics right away, some stuff like gentamicin has hearing side effect, if you already have some from chemo stay away from that.

Be sure they contact the oncology team to make the call on any drugs you are given, ideally you don’t want the ER doctors making the call.

The flu vaccine is recommended by our oncologists for Shalev (once this years one comes out). According to [tamiflu’s website] (

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends prophylaxis with antivirals

As a supplement to immunization among children at high risk, including children who are immunocompromised and may not respond to vaccine

Good luck, I hope Gabriel gets better quickly