Immunotherapy - IL2

For those of you who have already been through immunotherapy on the COG protocol… has anyone had the IL2 infusion (pre cycles 2 and 4) as an outpatient on a CADD pump? If so please could you share which hospital you were treated at? I’m trying to negotiate for our hospital here in Brisbane to do this for us, but they’ve always done it as an inpatient up until now!

Thanks in advance, Mark

Outpatient IL-2 wasn’t an option for us, but I’m pretty sure that’s what they did at St. Jude’s back in 2011. Not sure of other places, I know the question has been posed in one of the Facebook groups in the recent past. (We were treated in Chicago at Lurie Children’s Hospital, the replacement hospital for the old Children’s Memorial).

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Having just completed cycle 5 at LCCH, I’d only do il2 as an inpatient because my daughter ended up having slight allergic reactions so she needed more/different antihistamines. We found every cycle had slightly different side effects… But as per the other response, maybe ask on FB: Neuroblastoma Support group . You are Not Alone Ask Away. | Facebook … theres a fair few more people in there, but the US system seems to have a lot more options/confusion.

Thanks for the replies guys!

Apparently PMH in Perth routinely give the IL-2 infusion on an outpatient basis, so although it’s not for everyone, it is being done here in Australia.


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