Immunotherapy has an effect on measurable disease

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In a recent publication by Dr. Ruth Ladenstein for ASCO, it was published that CH14.18 is actually causing tumours to shrink.

This was highlighted in the talk by Prof. Holger Lode at ANR 2016.

Overall response to immunotherapy was 51%.

Out of 50 kids with a partial response prior to immunotherapy 16 moved on to complete response. (in frontline use of STI)

Initially when we were diagnosed the common prevailing knowledge in the field was that immunotherapy only acts against microscopic disease. These results are quite astounding.

This raises the question about the place of immunotherapy in NB treatment. Should we be giving immunotherapy drugs earlier? In quite a few hospitals in the US oncologists have started giving immunotherapy during induction chemo (in trials) which seems related.

I think this is quite important information for parents to have, especially if you are being held off on using immunotherapy due to the NB being in in partial response.

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My son was diagnosed with stage IV high risk Neuroblastoma in April and currently is being treated with chemo immunotherapy combination he is on the clinical trial of COG using Dintuximab combination with chemotherapy, finished his fourth cycle , his catecholamines is significantly trending down , hoping his MIBG and MRI will show good response , any recent Data about previous studies using immunotherapy at the induction ?


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I am not sure, I would recommend reaching out to St. Jude’s NB department. They have been running this for quite a while. I recall this talk a couple of years ago. The work in St. Jude’s triggered the current COG trial.

The tricky thing is that they have access to a more potent immunontherapy drug.

MSK previously tried non humanized 3f8 with chemo and it did not work, I think they are going to be trialing it again soon with hu3f8.

This trial though is for relapse/refractory.


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I already spoke with Saint Jude and recommended to continue with the current regimen , but I will for sure go to NY for surgery