I feel stupid for asking this, but did anyone try CBD oil?

(Michiel Coene) #1

Basically what the title says. Our boy is starting in the BEACON trial ( Temozolomide / Irinotecan or Topotecan / Bevacizumab ) in a few days, but this will not cure him. I’ve been reading the stories about RSO ( Rick Simpson Oil ), and the studies about CBD having anti-tumor properties.

Just out of interest, did anyone ever try this?


(Nasos Mwraitis) #2

There are no stupid questions on these matters. I have cbd oil in tablets home from endoca. Our daughter didnt want to try though. A friend of us did with his son which was in 2nd relapse in several part of his body but didnt do anything. There is an official medical report about in vitro and in vivo i think good response on neuroblastoma tumors with cbd… So why not

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(zoe) #3

I continued to give my son in the past six months. I think there is some help for his blood routine. For example, his platelets and hemoglobin returned to normal. A year ago my son ended all chemotherapy. I’m not sure to stop treatment or it make them better. Maybe you’ll consult your child’s doctor.