Haploidentical transplatation for relapsed neuroblastoma

Hy to all. My son relapsed after two years of being NED.Local relapse.
Before two years he recived dinutuximab beta in Greifswald Germany.
We are in this hospital now and they are suggesting for our son ,
modified rist protocol : 4 or 8 cycles, examinations after 4, surgery of removing tumor in abdomen, radiation. If everything will be ok, after that thay suggested haploidentical transplatation and again dinutuximab beta after haplo sct.

main hospital in the USA do not use haplo sct
I am a little afraid of Haplo

Please, some advice if you know something about Haplo sct for relapsed neuroblastoma

Thank you

Haploidentical transplatation is more acceptable in Germany. The doctors should have some data to show you. The main issue is about rejection…

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I spoke with the doctors here in Greifswald. Prof Lode told that is a good treatment for uor situation of local relapsed neuroblastoma

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