Evaluation of Hu3F8 immunotherapy

(Kelly) #1

Hi. My daughter is taking Hu3F8 immunotherapy as international patient in Sant Joan De Deu. After 2 cycles of medication, evaluation after MIBG scan and bone marrow test still showed one spot in the spine and the bone marrow was clean (previous 2 of 4 puncture sites are positive). Dose it means that the effect of medication is not significant or my daughter has less response to this treatment? I heard that other kids under Hu3F8 treatment were clean after 2 cycles.


(Daniel Witt Corell) #2

Hi Kelly

Sorry, but dont have any answers to your question.

Where are you from and do you have to pay for the treatment in Barcelona?



(Sam Saffron) #3

I would consult with the oncologists here, I have never seen published material looking at progress throughout the treatment, only before and after. Also, recommend you contact MSKCC and ask them about it.


(Kelly) #4

We are from China and I paid the deposit for the treatment before we came to Barcelona. My daughter was permitted to enroll in the clinic trial group. And she finished 2 cycles of Hu3F8.

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(Kelly) #6

Thank u, sam. The doctor of SJD did not explain the possible reason. And he recommended to continue another 2 cycles and wait for the following second evaluation.

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(jindrich daniel) #7

dear kelly, each case is individual so also I can not give an answer why your daughter isn’t clean after 2 cycles.
hoping the best your daughter!
I would like to know the costs you have paid for this treatment you paid, can you tell me this?
thanks in advance and all the best meanwhile!


(Alex Chen) #8

hi Kelly, so far no docotor can predit the result of any cancer treatment such as chemo or bone marow transplant. the same chemo can be effective on one kid but has no sign of improvement on the other one. that’s also why the cure rate of NB stage four high risk group is about 40%. that simply means the same treatment will not be effective on 60% of kids. the doctors is doing their best to imporve cure rate over the years. Ch14.18 improve the cure rate to 60%. Hu3F8 is also increasing the overall cure rate even in trail stage. However, for individual patient, the result is uncertain. we parents can discuss with the doctor and find out the best treatment for our kid in the next stage. and it’s a gamble with limited information in our hands.
Wish your kid and your family all the best!

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(Alex Chen) #9

Dear Daniel, first you could write in to inform them your son condition. to my understanding, they picks kid with bone marrow or bone metastasis first for their clinical trail. if your kid is selected, the deposite is about 170,000 Euro for the Hu3F8 treatment. you can leave your message on hospital website and someone from hospital will reply you for more details.


(Daniel Witt Corell) #10

Am i understanding it correct, that there is no maintainance treatment in Spain?

Only for relapsed or refractory!


(Alex Chen) #11

Hi Daniel, althrough Spain SJD Dr Mora came from MSKCC, i think they can only do 3F8 and 8H9 in Spain. (8H9 is for NB metastasis in brain). maintainence treatment such as DMFO and vaccine is only available in USA.

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(Daniel Witt Corell) #12

Hi Alex.

According to this link, spain have access to Hu3f8, aswell as our own Hospital here in Copenhagen, Denmark : https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03363373

Im just not sure what Osteomedullary Disease is?

Just got approved by Dr. Sholler for the DFMO trial.


(Kelly) #13

Hi, Daniel, thank you. We paid the 200k euro deposit before the invitation letter. Good luck.

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