Evaluation of Hu3F8 immunotherapy

(Kelly) #1

Hi. My daughter is taking Hu3F8 immunotherapy as international patient in Sant Joan De Deu. After 2 cycles of medication, evaluation after MIBG scan and bone marrow test still showed one spot in the spine and the bone marrow was clean (previous 2 of 4 puncture sites are positive). Dose it means that the effect of medication is not significant or my daughter has less response to this treatment? I heard that other kids under Hu3F8 treatment were clean after 2 cycles.

(Daniel Witt Corell) #2

Hi Kelly

Sorry, but dont have any answers to your question.

Where are you from and do you have to pay for the treatment in Barcelona?


(Sam Saffron) #3

I would consult with the oncologists here, I have never seen published material looking at progress throughout the treatment, only before and after. Also, recommend you contact MSKCC and ask them about it.

(Kelly) #4

We are from China and I paid the deposit for the treatment before we came to Barcelona. My daughter was permitted to enroll in the clinic trial group. And she finished 2 cycles of Hu3F8.

(Kelly) #5

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(Kelly) #6

Thank u, sam. The doctor of SJD did not explain the possible reason. And he recommended to continue another 2 cycles and wait for the following second evaluation.

(jindrich daniel) #7

dear kelly, each case is individual so also I can not give an answer why your daughter isn’t clean after 2 cycles.
hoping the best your daughter!
I would like to know the costs you have paid for this treatment you paid, can you tell me this?
thanks in advance and all the best meanwhile!