EUSA pharma acquired rights to distribute Dinutuximab in Europe

(Sam Saffron) #1

As it stands the only way to get access to CH 14:18 in Europe is to participate in a COG or SIOPEN trial.

It looks like this may change.

I have no idea exactly what this means, atm the drug used by SIOPEN is already dinotuximab beta (aka CH 14:18 / cho) but hopefully it grants better access to immunotherapy down the line.

(Nick) #2

I don’t think anything is going to change materially simply as a result of this move. APEIRON have sold ch14.18/CHO entirely - when the news first came out I thought it was just some commercialisation agreement. There is nothing in EUSA’s currently portfolio that would have given any hint about them taking this on. Feeling is they have bought it to take it to the next level (maybe FDA-approval to gain voucher) and then they will look to sell it. It looks to be (unfortunately) a purely short-term commercial move. Regarding Unituxin (ch14.18/SP2/0) - this will be available soon across continental Europe on the back of the EMA marketing authorisation it was granted last year.