Hi Everyone!
Having a child with cancer is tough, however with Neuroblastoma there is no treatment specifically made for it. All treatments are like a band-aid treatment.

We have tried everything.
My son was diagnosed last year; January 21’. He was Stage 4 Metastatic Neuroblastoma.

Nothing was working. Finally I came across research of Danyelza and read all the wonderful things about it. I heavily pressed my sons oncologist and chemo pharmacist to bring it into the hospital. After 2 cycles (6 actual treatment days) My son has had a 80% improvement. I could not believe it. From curie score of 10 to 2.

Now all I want for for every other parent feeling hopeless and pressured into clinical trials and chemos like me to stand up for your child and do your own due diligence.

If you have gone through every treatment possible, please do the research and ask your doctor about this miracle monoclonal therapy.

Dear Shelbi – this is such great news! May I ask what hospital you are at?

Dayton Childrens Hospital, in Dayton Ohio.