Cytotoxicity of CH 14:18

In our hospital CH 14:18 gets the Cytotoxic flag, meaning you are expected to use the thick purple gloves when changing nappies and so on.

I was wondering if body waste really needs to be flagged this dangerous on CH 14:18, or if the hospital is simply being overcautious?

I can’t speak to the science of whether ch14.18 requires that kind of caution. But I can tell you that my son participated in two different ch14.18-based trials, two years apart, at two different U.S. hospitals, and we were never advised to use the thick gloves.

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Ours (LCCH in Australia) treats ch14.18 as cytotoxic… as well as ISO/RA… But I think it’s more from a ‘we don’t fully know all the side effects of handing this’ safety perspective than it actually being cytotoxic.

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