CureFest Australia - Sunday 25th Septembers 2016

(Kyle Matthews) #1

Just saw this, and wanted to share. :slight_smile: From their website:

One of the challenges faced in the battle against childhood cancer is that we are a somewhat fragmented community in Australia and internationally.
We have organisations operating locally and nationally. Some provide essential services to children with cancer and others focus on research.
All groups and organisations are equally important to children affected by cancer. There is no one singular, dominant organisation.
We all share a common goal and hope for the future that one day all children with cancer will be cured.
CureFest for Childhood Cancer hopes to unite us as One Voice Against Childhood Cancer.
Together we can become a powerful voice as we harness our collective strength.

(angela ferrick) #2

Are you attending this?

(Kyle Matthews) #3

I was hoping to @teamjakemom , but won’t be able to make it. I know some of our friends are going though.