Complimentary treatments that work alongside

My beautiful 22 month daughter Eliza Donnelly has been very recently diagnosed with neuroblastoma. She has a large tumour ans it has spread to her bones. We don’t have all the details because not all the scans have been completed /analysed as yet, but chemo will start early next week. I’m desperately researching complimentary supplements / therepies which we can dovetail in with the standard European or American protocol which will help her survive treatment and recover. We’ve been given some info on mushroom extracts, extra vitamin supplements, herbs, gentle reflexology and bowens as well dietary advice using raw foods etc after the chemo. If anyone has any info or advice or experience please get in contact as soon as you can. Thank you so much.

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So sorry you are going through this, it’s a very tough journey. Wishing you lots and lots of good luck. Be sure to check out our topic for the newly diagnosed.

What protocol are you going to be treated under (SIOPEN or COG?)

I guess my only bit of advice here is be sure to run through whatever plans you have with your oncology team. Certain supplements can be very very risky when you are during chemo, things like probiotics must be avoided and so on.

For us, we were just super happy when Shalev was eating, we were not that picky about what, for many of the days I would be ecstatic if he had an ice cream or some hot chips.

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Robin - very best of luck and I’m sorry to hear your news. I remember being there. It’s the most horrible time.
Please watch this video before you use any herbal treatments alongside frontline therapy. It’s long and intended for a medical audience, but it’s important viewing.

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