Boney relapse options - how to choose? Ventoclax?

Hi all, our daughter has relapsed six weeks after finishing frontline stage 4 HR treatment - chemo, surgery, stem cell transplant, radiation and 5 rounds immunotheraphy ch14. We are in shock because she appeared to be doing so well at all the various stages of treatment. We are now discussing best options for immediate treatment. Our oncologist us suggesting:

Ventoclax with cyclophosphamide and topotecan.

Panobinostat alone

Irinotecan, temozolamide, anti GD2

Wondered if anybody had any experience with these options? Or any suggestions on options we shld be asking about?!! We are based in Australia. So awful to be having these discussions. Thanks in advance.

HU3f8 ( naxitamab ) could be an option.

Thanks Daniel. Sorry such a slow response from me!