Any tips for immunotherapy with ch 14.18 with GM-CSF, Interleukin-2, and Isotretinoin

Looking for some tips do deal with immunotherapy .

Dinutuximab with GM-CSF, Interleukin-2, and Isotretinoin.


Hi @chr1s!

Just wondering how you are doing? Immunotherapy side effects can be so different depending on the child. In our case it was frustrating but very manageable.

My one big tip here would be persist through it and if forced to drop IL2 prior to even considering dropping immunotherapy altogether. The jury is still very much out regarding how much IL2 assists with immunotherapy. The jury is still a bit out regarding isotretinoin but the side effects are far more manageable than any other treatments we had.

Regarding isotretinoin we had this topic Tips for accutane treatment

Good luck!