"an indefensible hope" - five part series from the Boston Globe

(Kyle Matthews) #1

I wanted to share the five part series the Boston Globe just published about Will Lacey’s story, and the work we’ve been doing.

It is long, but a strong read.

(Mark Shirran) #2

Would be great to see it told on the big screen one day…

(Alexey) #3

Hi Kyle,

In that story I can see that there is a first test site in Europe:

She opened more test sites, including overseas — a hospital in Beirut, another in Marseille, France — and she spoke at conferences around the world.

but on NMTRC I can see only Beirut, but not Marseille. Do you know anything about it?..

(Craig Box) #4

Wow! That’s incredible. Thank you for sharing and the work you and Pat are doing.

(Kyle Matthews) #5

Hey Alex, the Marseilles site only does molecularly guided therapy, not DFMO.