Allogenic transplant for Stage 4 HR Neuroblastoma

Hi Parents,

Our Onco team is recommending allogenic Stem Cell Rescue with cells from Sibling or Parent. They say this has been explored in Germany and Japan. They also say, since his bone and bone marrow were affected, his chances of recurrence is higher since stem cells could be cancerous too. They are both being tested for match this week.
Does anyone have experience with allogenic? There isn’t much data online.


This would be extremely uncommon for a standard stage 4 frontline therapy, maybe they may consider it for complex refractory cases or specific trials

Where are you being treated?

Neither cog or siopen recommend allo transplants for stage 4 frontline therapy even though BM is clearly involved

We are being treated in Chennai, India.
The doctor here suggests allogenic SCT can be done instead of immunotherapy! I know from listening to the NB Symposium that cannot be right…

That does not sound right to me, it feels to me like they are just struggling with the limited tools at their disposal, even pre immunotherapy they stopped allo transplants as standard protocol due to complications

Immunotherapy is the best available option at the moment as the final stage of frontline treatment, is it available at all in India?

We don’t have any immunotherapy drugs here. Only cis-retinoic acid

When I asked back then why we so autologous instead of allogenic since bone marrow was highly infected I was told by our oncologist that a research was done for this and it showed no change in terms of survival but only the bad short and long term effects of allogenic.
I also feel that immunotherapy cant be missed