2 vs 4 sites for bone marrow testing

(Sam Saffron) #1

Now that we are under MSKCC’s care our disease evaluation regime is different to what it was in Sydney.

One of the biggest differences is that MSKCC do 4 sites for BM testing (2 in front + 2 in back) vs 2 sites (2 in back) like we did back home.

I discussed this with Dr. Kushner who said that he has seen quite a few cases where a relapse was detected in 1 out of 4 spots and only was in front.

I was wondering:

  • What does your hospital do?
  • Are there any papers that recommend 4 vs 2 sites?

(Tomica Tomek) #2

Sam hello. In Greifswald do in two spots just in back. Hospital in Greifswald have just neuroblastomas. Maybe 95.percent of all children oncologist patients is neuroblastoma. In Zagreb Croatia do the same way. First time i heard for 4 spots